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Sagona Capital, Inc. is thrilled to announce that our firm has been rewarded as "Most Innovative Tech VC Fund Structure 2021" by GHP (Global Health & Pharma) in Technology Awards category and "Best Alternative Investment Fund Structure 2022" by Wealth & Finance International in Fund Awards category.

This award is a recognition of Sagona Capital’s achievement to elaborate alternative innovative funding solutions for entrepreneurs and companies. This innovative fund structure combines structured product and venture capital that enables limited partners (LPs) to mitigate their high exposure to risk while investing in seed and early-stage tech companies and still benefiting from high returns generated from them. This structured product is a capped and participation note guaranteed and secured by one of the largest banks in the United States that enables Sagona Capital to support long-term development of breakthrough technologies.

Sagona Capital's team has a long expertise in entrepreneurship but also ini.e financial engineering and innovative funding solution e.g. Didier Dippe, founder and CEO, had developed a structured product combining venture capital and EMTN with one of the largest European bank in 2007. In 2021 Didier has been able to articulate a new investment strategy using the almost same scheme in order to guarantee and secure 60% of capital invested by LPs and thus limiting their risk exposure to 40% only instead of 100% while investing in VC vehicles or directly in companies. This tends to demonstrate that investing in venture capital is no longer a 100% risky business.

“This financial scheme will allow us to reach out new type of investors that are most of the time reluctant to invest in venture capital due to high risk exposure and thus increase the possibility to achieve our strategy of sustainable and profitable growth. We thank both Global Health & Pharma and Wealth & Finance International magazines” Didier Dippe, founder and CEO.

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