• Impact Venture

  • Focus

    Sagona Capital, Inc. focuses on seed and early-stage purpose-driven companies with modern approaches to established leaders expanding into new markets. We aim to invest in companies that address economic needs in potential new markets created by technological advancements.


    Sagona Capital, Inc. seeks device or technology which create a new treatment modality or represent a substantial improvement. The companies must have a business model that provides a sustainable advantage, the potential to serve a significant addressable global market with a robust intellectual property protection resulting in potential breakthrough therapies and must fit an area of strategic need for potential acquirers.

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    Sagona Capital, Inc. brings more than just investment capital. We act as a true value-added investor and support healthcare companies in achieving value-creating milestones. Through our USA-Europe bridge and our extended network of contacts, we work closely with the companies by providing operational, regulatory, commercial, administrative and expertise driven by the support of key opinion leaders in the scientific communities.


    Our mission is also supported by a dedicated team of advisors who have access to a broad network within academic, finance and industry providing insight and guidance to the portfolio companies. We take an active role in the development of our portfolio companies as a lead or a syndicate partner.