• Secured Venture Capital Program

  • Sagona Capital, through its affiliate company, Sagona Consulting, a Luxembourg-based consulting firm, has developed a new approach to invest in venture capital deals enabling Limited Partners (LPs) to mitigate their high exposure to risk while investing in seed and early-stage companies and still benefiting from high returns generated from those non-listed companies. This new strategy has been articulated in order to guarantee and secure more than 60% of capital invested by LPs (60%) and thus limiting their risk exposure to less than 40% only instead of 100% while fully investing in VC vehicles or entities.


    This strategy combines venture capital investment for which Sagona Capital has been developing long-term relationships with investment firms and major clusters, universities, incubators and accelerators worldwide to nourish a quality dealflow and a structured product issued, guaranteed and secured by one of the largest U.S. banks.


    For any further information, click on this link: Sagona Europe Equity Deck

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    Wealth Management 2023 Industry Awards Finalist

    Sagona Capital has been designated as finalist of Asset Management's New Product Development of Wealth Management 2023 Industry Awards in recognition for our innovation in financial engineering.

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    Most Innovative VC Fund Structure 2021 Award

    Sagona Capital has been rewarded as "Most Innovative Tech VC Fund Structure 2021"

    by GHP (Global Health & Pharma) in Technology Awards category in recognition for this achievement.