• Overview

  • Focus

    Sagona Capital focuses on innovative businesses based in the United States and in Europe at seed and early stage with modern approaches to established leaders expanding into new markets. Sagona Capital, Inc. aims to invest in companies that address economic needs in potential new markets created by technological advancements. This financing can be implemented through equity, debt, convertible bond depending on the development stage of the company and its business model. Sagona Capital will provide follow-on investments into its targeted companies.


    Sagona Capital seeks device or technology which creates a new treatment modality or represents a substantial improvement. The companies must have a business model that provides a sustainable advantage, the potential to serve a significant addressable global market with a robust intellectual property protection resulting in potential breakthrough technology and must fit an area of strategic needs for potential acquirers.


    Sagona Capital also provides entrepreneurs and companies with assistance and support in their development e.g. technical assistance by industry experts and advisors, network share or new international markets penetration through Sagona Capital's business bridge between the United States and Europe.


    Sagona Capital, Inc. is registered as Investment Adviser Firm (ERA) with FINRA/SEC.

  • Sectors

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    Deeptech & New Media

    Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, fintech, blockchain, SaaS, new media and communication.

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    Medtech companies involved especially in medical devices industry, instrumentation, diagnostics, imaging, healthcare IT, robotics, artificial intelligence (deep/machine learning), real-time disease monitoring, patient treatment and efficiency of the patient’s care path.

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    Sustainability & Greentech

    Companies respectively involved in smart cities, used water treatment, waste management and smart farming, renewable energies and any innovation to sustain environment and ecology.

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    Impact Venture

    Purpose-driven companies with modern approaches to established leaders expanding into new markets.

  • Investment strategy



    10 years

    Investment term


    Minimum ticket


    Maximum ticket

    Series A / B


    10 years

    Investment term


    Minimum ticket


    Maximum ticket

    Deal structure

    Equity and/or debt

    Equity stake

    Significant minority



    New markets

    European & Asian markets

  • Process


    Deal origination

    Investment deals identification in each targeted industry


    Due Diligence

    Understanding business model, value proposition and future trends



    Investment closing e. g. direct equity and/or debt investment in companies


    Hands-on approach

    Hands-on approach generating value beyond investment phase



    Liquidation of position aiming to generate a capital gain